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Outdoor Load Disconnectors and Disconnectors
Indoor Load Disconnectors and Disconnectors
Indoor Load Disconnectors and Disconnectors

Disconnectors as shown in the data sheet are intended to be used for no-load medium voltage devices.
The disconnectors meet the requirements of the IEC 129 standards.
All parts and frames made of steel are galvanized and chromate coated.
The drive shafts are seated in bronze bearings and this is why the material as such can not be subjected to corrosion.
All parts of the current carrying path are made of drawn electrolytical copper.
All components of the current carrying path, designed for the rated current of Ir = 400 A are nickel-coated; components to carry the Ir of 630 to 6300 A are silver coated (10 mm coat).
The corrosion-free compression springs supply an adequate pressure for the operation of making contacts.
The built-in earthing switches comply with the requirements of short-circuit making capabilities.

The control of load disconnectors occurs through the following:

  • SHA hand operated drives (for load disconnectors mounted on the front wall), with the possibility of both right-side and left-side mounting to the load disconnector
  • adaptor for "D" type drive, with an extension part (in case of necessity, for load disconnectors mounted to the side wall)
  • UM50 motor operated drives (mounted directly to the operating shaft of load disconnector, usually installed on the left side)
  • UM10, UM20 or UM30 motor operated drives (control and manipulation from the front side of cubicle)

In case when the load disconnector is equipped with earthing switch there is to be additional drive mechanism to provide for the control of the earthing switch.
Under normal operating conditions it is not necessary for the load disconnectors to undergo a preventive maintenance during the period of ten years.


Supplementary material to the disconnectors

Additional switch

in order to indicate the switching position the disconnectors with built-in earthing switches can be equipped with additional switches
The basic setup of switches can be modified without the necessity to disassemble the disconnector, by using special tools (such as when changing the contacts from making to breaking, or changeover contact etc.).

Interlocking magnet

24 V, 60 V, 110 V and 220 V DC or 110 V and 220 V AC

Motor operated drive

see operated drives catalogue



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